Van Grinsven Metaalbewerking: metal with character

Our Enterprise

Van Grinsven Metaalbewerking is a multifaceted metallurgy enterprise, which has already combined professional competence with the enthusiasm of a new business for over 70 years.
We produce a wide assortment of metal parts, ranging from small turning and milling work pieces to sheet metal, and from light construction work such as frames, staircases and terraces to entire machines. We design, engineer and produce with and for our clients.
We are personally involved, stand up to challenges and think out of the box in order to achieve the best result.

Each product that we make has its own character, produced by people with character.

We make a difference by:

Our people

By promoting and bolstering good cooperation, cherishing talent, training students, maintaining expertise and consistent development, our people make a difference.
We are continuously learning and improving. Our experienced professionals share their knowledge with our students, thus safeguarding quality both now and in the future. 
Our people are characterized by passion and pride.

Our range

We offer products that are of high quality. We go further than just providing a qualitatively good product. To us quality also means being a reliable partner. And you will notice that in our level of service.

Our innovative capacity

Van Grinsven Metaalbewerking aims to be a market leader in innovative and practical problem-solving capacities, while at the same time focusing on the client, building pleasant and trusted business relationships.

Our behaviour

We take our social responsibility by offering a safe working environment for our people, with respect for
the environment.
We are financially reliable, stay true to our promised and agreements, and are flexible.

Our Mission

'We go for 100% satisfaction!'

We go for 100% satisfaction among our people, our clients, our stakeholders.
We have attention for them and make sure the preconditions are optimal; we aim to achieve
satisfied staff, because satisfied staff will work for our business with pleasure and be loyal to
clients and organisation. Our staff are those who achieve and maintain clientsatisfaction.
We go for 100% satisfaction about quality, flexibility and reliability.